About us

We are singers from all over Europe, welcoming our LGTBQ+ community who want to join or to support us. We are currently a choir of 26 singers, with members from the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Germany and Belgium, but we would love to have more experienced and confident singers as members from these and other countries across the continent, and more sopranos please! 

About the European Queer Choir

We began life in 2016 so that we could form a pop-up mixed voice choir to represent Europe at the US GALA Choruses festival in Denver later that year. It was such a brilliant experience that the 16-person choir decided to continue as a more permanent ensemble, primarily performing at festivals, including Hand in Hand in the UK & Ireland, and Various Voices in Europe [Instagram LINK].

EQC members are united with a vision of bringing singers from across Europe to celebrate the variety of our cultures, and build links with singers and supporters across the world. While some members have participated for specific events and come and go as life makes its demands, others have been involved from the start, and we have kept going through Covid and beyond. 

Because we are spread out across Europe, we learn our music individually and meet together for two or three rehearsal weekends a year, and before each festival performance. After Covid, these weekends are usually hybrid in format and we try to pick a venue that is convenient for most of us to get to and stay at, and we make every effort to accommodate mobility needs of members. Choir weekends have taken place in Berlin, Malaga, Dublin, Groningen, Leeds, Brighton and most recently Cologne and Antwerp, with an upcoming rehearsal in Leeds.

Our logo is a unique design inspired by the European Flag, changing the traditional yellow stars on a blue background for coloured stars representing the range of queer people across our lands. LGBT (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet); Trans (sky blue, pink); Asexual (grey, purple); Bisexual (purple, pink, blue); Pansexual (pink, yellow, blue); Intersex, Non-binary (yellow, purple).

[ read more about our events – in past and in future HERE ]

A great rehearsal weekend in Belgium 2023.
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