Our musical diversity

Choral music can be amazingly diverse and ours is no exception, across genre and time period, from arrangements of classical pieces to singer songwriters and unique compositions, for example from our illustrious and talented bass, Mike (Searching for love) to Grace Jones to out-and-out dance music.

We sing in English and in other languages such as German and Spanish at present, and members get support through an online library of sheet music, line tapes and resources to master the material. In rehearsals we fine tune our learning and our sound, and prepare for staging and performance.

Our Musical Director is the marvellous Ian Akroyd, who also holds the baton as MD of Cantabile and Gay Abandon choir, in Leeds, UK. We are ably accompanied by the ever patient Jenny Wattis, who is also the pianist for Leeds’ Gay Abandon choir. Many of our members are also singing with an LGBTIQ+ choir where they live, but not everyone.

Please note a welcome note of Ian HERE.

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